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‘Life of Pi’, written by Yann Martel, is an adventure Novel about a 16 year-old boy called Pi who , along with his family, gets shipwrecked.The theme is about struggling to survive against all odds. The book is divided into three parts: After the author’s note, part 1 tells about Pi’s young life and his love of animals and religion.

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The name Pi is a very unusual name and it also brings a great deal of symbolism with it.

Pi is the Greek number for sixteen and Pi was sixteen when he got shipwrecked.

Part 2 is the main part of the book which describes the sinking of the ship which is carrying Pi, his family, the crew and some zoo animals.

Pi’s family perish and Pi is left alone to survive with some animals. In part 3 he tells the story of his adventures but is not believed and he retells the story using humans instead of animals.

Pi is an Indian boy who moves from Indian to Canada with his family by boat. Pi learns a lot of knowledge about animals from his father.

As political instability in India, Pi’s family decides to move to Canada.

Pi explains how closely religion and zoology are aligned and he uses zoos as a symbol for religion. Zoos are often critized because they take wild, noble animals from their natural habitat and put them into boring domesticated cages.

Pi vehemently disagrees; he finds that animals are creatures of habit and will adjust to their new caged environment.

The reader is left to make his own mind up regarding which is the more credible story.

In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, symbolism plays an important part.


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