Macbeth Essay On Supernatural

He remains a puppet in the hands of the three witches.

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Until they heard the witches’ prophecy their true personalities seemed to be hidden.

The witches’ suggestions illuminate the true characters’ motivations and desires.

Once Macbeth becomes king, he returns to the witches for reassurance.

He becomes so lost in his belief in their prophecies that he does not realize until too late that the prophecies are leading him to actions that would culminate in his doom.

Would he have interpreted it that way if he had not heard the witches’ prophecies?

Macbeth Essay On Supernatural

Later, Macbeth becomes ruthless and overconfident while his wife descends into the tormenting depths of guilt by the end of the play.

Witches, as elements of the supernatural, were, of course, on the side of evil.

Other phenomena were thought to occur in nature as a reaction to man’s unnatural or sinful acts. (3, 1, 8) This enhances the perception of the role of the supernatural throughout the play.

Before the witches appear, Macbeth is a lauded thane in battle, one whom the king trusts implicitly.

As he considers his wife’s plan, he hallucinates a dagger, which seems to be leading him to Duncan’s chamber, and interprets it to mean that he should kill the king.


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