Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned In Schools Essay

Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned In Schools Essay-17
Improper cellular usage by the youth mainly caused this.

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That is why cell phones are disruptive in he average school environment.

Cell phones are distracting, disrespectful, and disruptive of the people around one in the school environment and that is why cell phones should not be permitted in school during normal school hours. People in many schools regularly sneak around on their cell phones, trying to hide them from teachers or administrators. Honestly it makes a lot of since for students not to be able to use their cell phones during school hours.

I plan on showing you one side of the because it is considered an infringement of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution while others argue it is used to conceal inappropriate material (Aliprandini and Sprague).

The banning of books in the school curriculum has also been debated because some parents see certain books as inappropriate, while others argue that banning books hinders student learning.

Misuse of the revolutionary aspects of cell access to a book is banning the representation of an idea.

The banning of books in American schools should not be allowed, because banning books will prevent students from learning the reason for the controversy and alternate viewpoints they can come to on their own.

If cell phones are allowed out in school, phones would be stolen more often than not. Inequity would emerge as a huge problem for schools, solely for the fact that not everyone can afford top-of-the-line cell phones (“Students Should Be Allowed”).

If a student is flaunting the latest edition of the i Phone, chances are someone will seize the opportunity to be permissible for college students.

In his October 10, 2009 article “Schools Should Embrace Cell Phones as Learning Tools Instead of Banning Them,” A. Dean argues that cell phones are useful to A new set of school legislation has been put in place regarding cell phones in various parts of the country.

These laws state that the use of cell phones is prohibited for students during the school day.


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