Mobile Spa Business Plan

Keep yourself motivated by being clear about why your business exists.This will help in those times where you are slow or you just can’t make a client happy.

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Focus on the next client and the existing clients, not the clients you lose.

The clients you have are the ones who align with your vision.

They are the ones doing the word-of-mouth advertising for you by inviting their friends and family to the Med Spa party.

Giving them a discount of 20% can encourage the host to do more parties and bring in more friends.

They may be able to contribute to your network later on. She lives in her business by sharing self-love and support every day. Eventually, you should become the only choice for your clients in the Mobile Med Spa space.

Your brand should be authentic and you should live the lifestyle that you are promoting. The worst moments are when you can’t make a client happy.Her practice incorporates strong academics with principles of mindfulness and self-care while integrating aesthetics to make clients feel safe and supported. Lunderville shares the ups and downs of adding at-home services to your Medical Spa.She also shares exactly how you can start your own Med Spa without the overhead of rent or employees.Their word-of-mouth is what will start to grow your business. Even if there are only two or three people at a party, create an intimate experience for them that will bring them back for more.Follow up with them and get obsessed with getting it right.Friends and family want to help you build your business, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!Ask them to create a party where you can practice your technique and provide their friends with the best Mobile spa experience possible.That creates a more positive experience for you and sends positive energy towards the other person.Even if there isn’t a response, you’ve planted a seed for a future business relationship. Lunderville, her mission is to promote self-love and support women on their path.She began a practice where she could see clients individually as well as in a group setting.The clinic space can be intimidating for women to come into on their own.


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