Mother Courage And Her Essay

Mother Courage and Kattrin live together with Swiss Cheese.One more character is being introduced in the play which is Yvette Pottier, a camp prostitute.

As the events unfold, the roles of the main characters change.

In three years Swiss Cheeese becomes a regiment’s paymaster.

At the same time there is a sudden attack from the Catholic side.

The same day, Mother Courage’s other son, Swiss Cheese, is chased when he tries to return the paybox and is eventually captured.

There were now two complete different currency zones and West Germany was founded.

This was a prime time for Berlin as it was at the bloom of its development into a modern industrial town.

The Recruiting officer seduced Eilif into the army. Eilif is being honored by the General for his brave deeds during the war: killing peasants and stealing their livestock.

Mother Courage tells off her son for endangering his life.

The play begins from describing Dalarna in spring of 1624.

The main character is Mother Courage who works in a canteen.


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