Mother Teresa Essay In Gujarati

And due to this reason, she chooses to become a Nun.

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For 15 consecutive years, she enjoyed teaching children.

Along with, teaching school children she worked hard to teach the poor kids of that area.

She spent everyday of her adulthood caring for people that were in need by setting up the Missionary of Charity along with many homes for the people she cared for.

Mother Teresa won many awards throughout her lifetime for her dedication to care for people in need.

Later on, she established a dispensary for poor people to die in peace.

Due to her good deeds, she earns great respect in the heart of Indians.In conclusion, we can say that in the beginning, it was a difficult task for her to manage and teach poor children. In the beginning, of her journey, she uses to teach poor kids using a stick by writing on the ground.But after years of struggle, she finally manages to arrange the necessary things for teaching with the help of volunteers and some teachers.Many memorials were made in her honor by the Indian people.Apart from that, foreign countries also make several memorials to give tribute to her.So, with the help of the church and the people, she established a missionary where poor and homeless can live and die in peace.Later on, she manages to open several schools, homes, dispensaries, and hospitals through her NGO both in India and overseas countries.Also, on her death the whole nation shred tears in her memory.With her death the poor, needy, homeless, and weak again become orphans.Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas She was an angel of hope for the people but death spares no one.And this gem died serving people in Kolkata (Calcutta).


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