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Starting as an indie artist myself, I worked hard, had some luck, and my accomplishments led to me serving as a consultant to many successful entertainment artists and companies.While doing so, I found a lot of repetitive issues.Here are ten tips to help you handle your business properly.Many great artists have lost it all on bad business decisions.The most successful artists have their most successful ventures after they have worked out the business of their art, and put everything in place before their next opportunity.Look at your role as an employee of your own business.Are you getting paid enough to pay your bills, save money, and have a vacation?Also, don’t forget when you make your expense sheets, it needs to be for everything, not just your business costs, but your life.If this is going to be your job, you need to pay for life as well.Setting up a profitable studio arrangement, or producing your music at home will allow you to keep costs low, hence passing on the savings.If someone wants to play “Let’s Make A Deal”, then be a great salesman: “I see you really are a fan and want some of my music to share, and I would love to help you out, so I can give you a digital download card for , and I’ll even sign it for you!


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