My Childhood Memories Essay Writing

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In fact, only if she accompanied me, I would go to the nursery. I used to envy my cousins so much for having a mother like her.

My grandfather was a forbidding figure and we children as well as our parents were afraid of him.

On March 16th 2001, I became a big sister to a beautiful set of twins.

My brother and sister, fraternal twins, stole my heart the minute I first saw them.

I ran down to the climbing frame my mum in hot pursuit. It happened all of a sudden, I lost my grip and fell painfully back down to earth I then recall waking up in an ambulance my head throbbing with pain. It tickled and then I thought maybe having a broken leg isn’t so bad.

I pushed through the gate as fast as I could, running towards the climbing frame. I could hear my mum below badgering me to slow down. Being a child I looked at the situation from a philosophical point of view, ” What can I gain from this situation, all the attention I was going to get. Three weeks later I was going back to school to start for first year in the juniors I very excited but also nervous about getting round about school with a broken leg and crutches but my mum told me I hadn’t changed apart the fact I had a broken leg.

My mum and I walked to the duck pond to feed the ducks. There were big ducks, small ducks, fat ducks and thin ducks every kind of ducks you can imagine some did look pretty funny I remember telling my mom in Vietnamese as that time she didn’t know the English language very well. I was frightened, but mum reassured me I’d be fine and to be very brave.

After feeding the ducks we headed for the climbing frame. I was then taken down to another room for leg to be put into a plaster cast.

On the first morning everyone was really nice they asked me how I’d broke my leg, when I’d broke my leg and when was the plaster coming off!

The three weeks before having my cast off were great, but I missed going swimming doing P.


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