My Ethical Values Essay

Thus, indicators of aggression may vary.[19] In the Middle East, for example, a direct refusal is considered a hostile gesture.But in other cultures, raising an objection is customary and well accepted.

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Likewise, some traditional religious and political activities, for instance, limiting women's dress, freedom of movement, education, and/or public involvement is seen as abhorrent to modern, Western societies.

The freedom to wear what one wants, and do what one wants, with no limitations, is seen as a woman's right.

People from the same culture have more or less equivalent realities and mindsets.

Their values, assumptions, and procedures become part of "common sense" for them.

Ideas about fairness and images of justice can also vary among different groups.

The moral positions of anti-abortion and pro-choice activists are sometimes regarded as incommensurable.They often have different conceptions of moral authority, truth, and the nature of community.[13] For example, some cultures place great moral emphasis on the family, while others stress the importance of individual autonomy.These cultural differences become even more problematic when groups have radically different expectations about what is virtuous, what is right, and how to deal with moral conflicts.[14] Thus, culture wars are often driven by moral conflict.For example, the terms "conflict," "aggression," "peace," "time," and "negotiation" are not value-free.They carry judgments with them and may be used differently in different cultures.[18] Aggression, usually defined as intentionally hurting another person, is a reflection of norms of conduct, and what hurts in one society may not be what hurts in another society.Protracted conflict sometimes results from a clash between differing world-views.One group's most fundamental and cherished assumptions about the best way to live may differ radically from the values held by another group.[1] Parties may have different standards of rightness and goodness and give fundamentally different answers to serious moral questions.[2] When groups have different ideas about the good life, they often stress the importance of different things, and may develop radically different or incompatible goals. Because values and morals tend to be quite stable, people are often unwilling to negotiate or compromise with respect to these topics.For example, sometimes people distinguish between moral orders built on rights and those built on virtues.[11] Each one is associated with particular forms of society and ways of being human.While a rights-based approach is associated with the Enlightenment and modernity, a virtues-based approach emerges from traditional society.The first general feature is the tendency for each side to misunderstand the words and actions of the other.People from incommensurate traditions may have trouble communicating because they rely on different systems of meaning, norms of communication, and behavioral expectations.


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