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My second difficulty is the kind of pure objectivity this research requires in order to present facts about different stereotypes that are independent from yours.

This requires a certain amount of awareness while writing the research paper or reaching any conclusions.

The universality of this concept also means that this a problem everywhere, one that requires a decent amount of exposure and awareness on this issue, something that I’ve yet to come across.

This kind of article will highlight the importance of this issue and raise attentiveness towards this issue, especially within the AUC community.

In my research, I want to basically explore 4 questions: 1) what are certain stereotypes attached to certain majors?

(I’m going to limit myself to 3-5 majors do people rely so heavily on them?

You have to come across it at least at one point in your academic life, be it in your undergraduate, your masters or Ph. Please look at some key elements that you need to know about a research paper: A research proposal is an essay that that proposes a certain project that is to be undertaken in the future.

Before you get to conduct your research, you have to come up with a proposal addressed to your supervisors.

Perhaps there was a time where more “literary” majors were considered the real norm and people within areas of science were more prone to ridicule?

The first problem I may face is with the interview and its wording; certain ways of saying things may imply certain answers and may create bias in answers.


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