Narrative Essay Love Relationships

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Looking back at my own experience as well as listening to people that talk to me about their love-life, I see common threads around this phase of a relationship.

Among the feelings and perceptions that “falling in love” typically brings, there’s one that has been puzzling me for long: a growing sense of entitlement towards the other person. It actually makes things much harder than they already are.

Students of colleges and same educational establishments are considered to be mature enough to compose essays about love.

So the college essay topics on love and heartbreak may concern the student’s lives mostly: Persuasive essays are aimed at convincing the audience in your special way of thinking.

They may concern absolutely everything that surrounds us.

Ethical topics about love can be controversial somehow.

At some point though, one expectation seems to emerge: the idea that our partner is… So our metaphors equate the experience of loving someone to extreme violence or illness.[…]The history of Western culture is full of language that equates love to mental illness. Because when we’re in this state something magical happens: we are naturally able to overlook the flaws of a fellow human being. In fact, it’s irrelevant: we are willing to look at our partners as they are, in the present moment.

well, This pattern entails that, in a relationship, we have the right to heavily influence what our partners do, how and whom they spend their time with, and the likes. We are willing to look at another person as inherently beautiful. We are willing to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections instead of judging them.

If you follow our recommendations concerning writing essays on love, you will never fail.

Remember that love is a deep and controversial topic, so you have to choose wisely.


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