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You can find it heavily featured in film, television, art, and music.

You can find it heavily featured in film, television, art, and music.You can use these creative writing prompts in any way you choose.

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What Work Went Into Reaching Your Most Difficult Goals?

When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scared or Challenged You?

What ‘Urban Legends’ Are There About Places in Your Area?

What Small Things Have You Seen and Taken Note Of Today?

What Have You and Your Family Accomplished Together? What Events Have Brought You Closer to Your Family?

What Family Traditions Do You Want to Carry On When You Get Older? All questions published since May 2015 are still open to comment by any student 13 or older. So dive into this admittedly overwhelming list and pick the questions that most inspire you to tell an interesting story, describe a memorable event, observe the details in your world, imagine a possibility, or reflect on who you are and what you believe._________Overcoming Adversity1. quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale" src Set="https://static01com/images/2014/05/07/learning/criticism LN/criticism LN-article Large.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 600w,https://static01com/images/2014/05/07/learning/criticism LN/criticism LN-jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 650w,https://static01com/images/2014/05/07/learning/criticism LN/criticism LN-super Jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 650w" sizes="50vw" item Prop="url" item ID="https://static01com/images/2014/05/07/learning/criticism LN/criticism LN-article Large.jpg? Related Article" class="css-1m50asq" src="https://static01com/images/2014/05/07/learning/criticism LN/criticism LN-article Large.jpg? Below, a list that touches on everything from sports to travel, education, gender roles, video games, fashion, family, pop culture, social media and more. What Do You Do When You Encounter Obstacles to Success? Like all our Student Opinion questions, each links to a related Times article and includes a series of follow-up questions. Do Adults Who Are ‘Only Trying to Help’ Sometimes Make Things Worse? How Good Are You at Waiting for What You Really Want? Does Stress Affect Your Ability to Make Good Decisions? Do You Set Rules for Yourself About How You Use Your Time?


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