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Student Responsibility Forms encourage student accountability while giving students the opportunity to explain why they chose not to follow a classroom expectation.

Students receive a form when they do not meet a classroom expectation, such as following directions after a teacher request.

All my classes started off with a silent individual task.

I therefore instilled in students that at the beginning of homework hand-in day they put their brightly coloured paper on their desk beginning their individua lstarter task.

In addition to increasing personal responsibility, the form also serves as documentation that can be used by the teacher during parent-teacher conferences or administrative meetings. Create the Student Responsibility Form Decide what behaviors you will want to address with your form.

Some teachers use forms for missed homework assignments only.That way I could quickly glance around the room and quickly see who did and did not have their homework out.Anyone without their brightly colourer paper had a ‘homework excuse note’ dropped on their desk. At an appropriate time during the lesson, I would then go around and collect a piece of paper from .Class-wide Motivation System with Student Responsibility Forms Depending on why you are issuing forms, you might want to have a competition between classes: the class with the fewest amount of issued forms each six weeks earns a reward.Or you could have a weekly class reward: if no Student Responsibility Forms are issued during the week, the class receives a reward.With no #blogsync over the summer, I’ve not written anything ‘classroom-y’ for a while.So I thought I’d share this tip while awaiting the September blogync topic.All they need to do is put their first and last name and their homeroom teacher.Pick up all your sheets and put all of them behind to correct dividers.As with my detention system, the main benefit of the homework excuse note is that the students must then I knew a student hadn’t been there and this made managing my records much easier. But a word of warning: With my two KS3 classes (I mostly taught GCSE) I didn’t give homework and hence I was less consistent with its enforcement and the whole thing was less effective.The system is reliant on you making the whole thing as routine as possible.


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