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ETHICS -- Mark Twain / Advice to Youth -- Peter Singer / What Should a Billionaire Give--and What Should You? Kuhn / The route to Normal Science -- Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow / The (Elusive) Theory of Everything -- Stephen Jay Gould / Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs -- Rebecca Skloot / The Woman in the Photograph -- Alan Lightman / Our Place in the Universe: Face to Face with the Infinite.

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A selection of American writing from the time the Puritans landed to the beginning of the Civil War.

It begins with histories of the early settlements, personal diaries and journals of the settlers, and their sermons and poems.

I anticipated that the various narratives found in the collection would teach me more about American history.

But, what surprised and touched me was the unique blend of history, insight, support and love found in the letters between John and Abigail Adams.

The classic survey of American literature from its origins to 1865, The Norton Anthology of American Literature offers the work of 212 writers -- 38 newly included.

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From trickster tales of the Native American tradition to bestsellers of early women writers."The Book of Love" piece in the goodreads' newsletter reminded me of this wonderful anthology--which I purchased in a travel shop in Barcelona during the Summer of 1990.

Plus, the anthology includes letters by some of the writers represented, supplying an additional perspective on their work.

Okay, so not as good as the British versions, both because the British ones are three times as big and the early American writing isn't my favorite, but still enjoyable.

The Norton Reader features the largest and most diverse collection of essays, from classic to contemporary--155 in the Full edition, 95 in the Shorter.

With 60 new essays almost all written in the last decade, a new ebook option, and a unique companion website that makes the book searchable by theme, genre, rhetorical mode, author, keyword--and more, the Fourteenth Edition is ideal for today? Preface to the Shorter Fourteenth Edition -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Reading and Writing with The Norton Reader.


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