Offensive Line Blocking Assignments

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If you embrace being a line­man right now, then we can start work­ing towards becom­ing a great team.” I would love to have my pick of strong, big bod­ied play­ers with great feet, but most high school coach­es don’t have that lux­u­ry.

I must find them from the 20 to 30 kids sent my way each year. Coaches always talk about the O-Line need­ing the most intel­li­gent play­ers, and the cen­ter is the ful­crum.

They must have a sense of mul­ti­ple threats on a sin­gle play and be able to com­mu­ni­cate to the guard who he will pick up so the guard knows where to look for work. They are the ones who stand out to peo­ple and their per­for­mance, for bet­ter or worse, is the most notice­able of all offen­sive linemen.

Each indi­vid­ual must use their skills to exe­cute their assign­ment on a giv­en play, but their per­for­mance is linked.

On top of that, most of them all believe they should play anoth­er posi­tion.

I have nev­er coached a line­man who wouldn’t imme­di­ate­ly change posi­tions if giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty.

They must be able to antic­i­pate their assign­ment because they are not always imme­di­ate­ly engaged at the snap.

Guards have to know when to do what they are coached to do, but also be able to impro­vise at times and do what it takes to get a block.

It is a unique unit with­in a team that the rest of the offense relies on in order to do their job.

The offen­sive line must work togeth­er and trust each oth­er on each play of every prac­tice and game.


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