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In addition, there were new colleges being built over the years to offer different units of study and bring in more students to the university.

There were numerous professors at Oxford University.

They allowed them to sit in on different lectures and help them study anything they wished. If the student came from a higher class family, their fathers would rent whole houses for their sons. Fortunately, in 1476, Caxton introduced the printing press to England.

They wanted to promote the higher education of women, so beginning in 1879 they opened women only schools as a part of the university. Students then began learning the seven liberal arts of music, grammar, geometry, logic, astronomy, rhetoric, and arithmetic.

Every school was built for more students to study at their will.

The professors at these colleges included extremely talented men that came to teach students the wonders of things such as math and science.

Over the years, this school has made very little changes but now includes new difficulties and rules.

Oxford University remained an all-boys school for a very long time. Students living in this hall were required to move to other living halls (Lambert).

In the author’s mind, the Oxford is one of the most praiseworthy things but seldom.

The aim of mentioning these things is that the author wants to praise the city—Oxford.


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