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Scanning electron microscopes and micro CT scanning equipment are additionally available in the Faculty of Engineering.

Geotechnical engineering covers all aspects of civil engineering at the interface between the built and natural environments, including the design of foundations for buildings and bridges, design and construction of earth dams, tunnelling, and the impact of natural hazards associated with earthquakes on the built environment.As such, the science and engineering of soil and rock, and of the water and other fluids that permeate them, are critical for addressing national and global issues, including infrastructure construction and reconstruction, mitigation of natural hazards, and frontier exploration and development.Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering that generally deals with problems involving soil and rock.Because surveys have shown that the greatest challenge often faced by new practicing engineers is in the area of written communication, we require that all graduate students prepare a written report during their graduate studies.The requirement is fulfilled through the preparation of a MS thesis or Ph D dissertation.We strive to provide a broad and fundamental educational experience.To achieve these goals, we maintain a balance between research and teaching in our program.Examples include the design of foundations for structures, tunneling, excavations, disposal of waste products by burial, dams, and a variety of similar earth-related topics.Our goal is to educate graduate students to become leaders in geotechnical engineering practice and academia.Geotechnical engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the analysis, design and construction of foundations, slopes, retaining structures and other systems that are made of or are supported by soil or rock. The award is given by ARMA, the American Rock Mechanics Association. Modiriasari at the awards banquet during the 52nd U. This program includes Engineering's Innovation and Leadership Minor for undergraduates in any major in Engineering, a graduate-level research component to fuel the program with research-derived insights into repeatable patterns of innovation success, and a service component to help enhance the innovation efforts of units and organizations across the campus. Her thesis is titled "Effect of Cyclic Loads on the Axial Capacity of Piles." She obtained her B. The Board of Trustees has approved the naming of Rodrigo Salgado as the Charles Pankow Professor in Civil Engineering. The research ranges in nature from analytical and numerical analysis of geotechnical problems to constitutive modeling, experimental modeling and design-oriented research. Civil engineers at Purdue University are leading a project with the Indiana Department of Transportation to learn how to use a type of bridge pile often seen in offshore applications, research that could help reduce the cost of bridge building or replacement of aging spans. Langan Scholarship at Purdue University was awarded to Ayda Catalina Galvis, a graduate student pursuing her Ph. Salgado has been a professor of civil engineering since 2003.


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