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They can find all the rights through their employee handbook, and/or through their Human Resources center.But there are still some employees that are not aware about their rights at all.In the Employee Issues (2003-2008) states that “Up to 92% of private-sector employers conduct some type of electronic surveillance on their employees.

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Employers can also let their employees know when there is any monitoring by putting a peep tone on the phone, that way the employee knows that the conversation is being recorded, and they can let the customer know if they need to.

Not many employers want their employees to have personal phone calls while they are at work.

Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace When you are an employee, you would want to be treated and compensated fairly at all times.

Many employees today are aware of all their legal rights that they have at their workplace.

That way they are informed of what is going on around them, so that they don’t feel like they are been invaded at any point.

Many employers will record their employee’s phone calls for reasons of quality controls, without having any consent from their employees. When the call is being monitored without any knowledge of the employee, it makes it harder on the employee.Most employees know their limits on personal phone calls.Employers should allow their employees to be able to make personal phone calls if needed, but with a minimal time limit. Unless the employee chooses to use a specific phone that’s strictly for business to make a personal phone call then they are taking a risk that the call may be monitored.In the Privacy Rights Clearing House (1993-2006) stated that “An important exception is made for personal calls. 2)If you do not have a mobile phone, there is a phone that they can use for personal calls when needed.Under federal case law, when an employer realizes the call is personal, he or she must immediately stop monitoring the call”. 3)If they choose to use a phone that’s not designated for personal calls, their call might be monitored or recorded.There are many employees that have kids or their own personal stuff that they have to sometimes deal with even when they are at work.Sometimes employees use their work time to make personal phone calls to check up on things that is going on that they might be worried about because they are at work.When the employees know that the company cares about their employees they would want to work harder for them, because they feel like they have some personal space at work when needed. Otherwise every personal phone call shouldn’t be monitored unless told otherwise.When the employees are making personal phone calls there shouldn’t be any recording or monitoring going on because that’s invading their privacy. To help keep the employees to use the company’s phones, employers should create a policy that states: 1When needed to make any personal phone calls please use your mobile phone first.But when the company is being honest and letting their employees know that all their phone calls are being monitored or recorded, they can let the customers know before they start any conversation.That way the customers will appreciate the employee and the employee will appreciate the company more by letting them know what is going on.


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