Problem Solving Training Activities

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This tool helps to open discussion, to explore people’s feelings about the event, and to turn “passengers,” “protesters” and “prisoners” into valuable participants.

Team building is about uniting and encouraging people rather than dividing and demoralizing them.

Shakira's team is experienced and hard-working – but, lately, its performance has been "hit and miss." The team seems to have lost some of its energy and motivation, and morale is beginning to drop.

So, Shakira decides to get her people back on track by exploring some team building strategies and activities.

among team members who never, or rarely, meet face-to-face.

Time zones and cultural differences can present additional challenges when considering team building activities or strategies for remote teams.

They help teams to work more cohesively and happily, and can set those teams up for success.

to detect such resistance and to encourage participation.

It is possible to stay in regular and effective communication with virtual team members, given the wide range of online tools that are available.

However, the key to building an effective team lies more in how its members communicate than in the technology they use.


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