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In essence, it’s a way of helping us control time, rather than the other way around, which is all too often the case for many students. The theory goes that trying to focus knowing you have hours of work ahead of you is often daunting and off-putting.Conversely, it’s far easier to feel motivated by the prospect of small tasks.As an additional source of concern, several studies estimate that climate change is likely to aggravate the situation.

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Keep up this pattern of working and resting for as long as feels good, or until you reach the goal you set yourself for the day.

Whilst it’s fun and the novelty may keep you motivated for a while, there’s no requirement to use a tomato-shaped timer to keep track of your blocks.

Cirillo has worked in the forefront of software development for over twenty years, using a more refined version of his original technique to help improve productivity and efficiency for developers all over the world.

The technique isn’t just great for techies, however – the official website suggests it can also be used by writers, lawyers, directors, students, teachers, and even parents.

Start by choosing the essay, dissertation, or exam preparation you want to complete.

Remember – you can use this technique for doing almost any piece of academic writing or exercise, so it works equally well for presentations, reports and research, too.

Now, decide on the total amount of time you want to spend; this will help you then split your work into blocks far more easily once you’ve got the hang of the technique.

Using a Pomodoro timer for authenticity, or any timer that works well for you (see below for our recommendations), set it to 25 minutes.

It’s something we hear of all too often – students who are battling an overwhelming urge to do anything other than study, revise, or write an essay or dissertation despite deadline day looming right around the corner. Capitalising on our capacity to work extremely well whilst the task in hand feels ‘new’, it’s a surprisingly simple time-management tool used by businesses and academics alike.

It encourages the user to work in controlled short bursts, while taking frequent breaks to re-energise and relax.


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