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(See Alston 1971 for a particularly comprehensive discussion of these and similar claims.) In the , Descartes worries that he may be deceived by an evil demon.As a result, all of his beliefs about the external world may well be false.Philosophers have offered both observational and non-observational accounts of introspection.

Dwight’s works are further framed and contextualized through published descriptions of the multiple revisions of the state’s anatomy acts and the various annual reports of the boards and institutions that managed the state dead.

Introspection is the process by which someone comes to form beliefs about her own mental states.

We might form the belief that someone else is happy on the basis of perception – for example, by perceiving her behavior.

Typically, this specialness has been referred to as the that we have to our own mental states.

To say that an individual has privileged access to her own mental states is to say that she is in a better position than anyone else to acquire knowledge (or perhaps, justified beliefs) about them. In this section, of the numerous different claims that philosophers have made in this regard are discussed.


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