Proud Of The Usa Essay

No such “heresy” laws exist in this country, and never will.

In fact, this is the one country people can come to find the freedom to practice their religion denied them by their own country.

The number of cutting edge inventions and refinements of existing technologies that have come out of America in the last two hundred years is staggering. Patent and Trademark Office, of the over 4.5 million patents issued since 1790, the United States owns over half of them, or nearly 2.5 million!

Everything from the airplane (1903) and phonograph (1877), to the drinking straw (1888) and feather duster (1870), have been the by-product of American ingenuity and resourcefulness. Much of this creativity has to be credited to America’s entrepreneurial spirit and quest for knowledge, the two elements essential to getting things done.

Like all nations, it is a collection of human beings, and human beings are notorious for occasionally making bad decisions, being selfish, or otherwise simply blowing it.

However, there is a lot right about this country, though often we get so caught up in the rhetoric, that we miss it.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been religious-based tensions from time to time but, for the most part, the degree of religious tolerance in America, especially when compared to many countries, is extraordinary.

Consider, for example, that in parts of the Middle East, one can actually be incarcerated, or even executed, for insulting Islam or making fun of the prophet Mohammad.

What other countries give billions of dollars of aid to countries that don’t even like them?

Yes, some of it ends up going into some foreign dictator’s bank account, and the U.


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