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They would be happy to give you advice and to discuss possible supervision.

[…continued from the main page] A project rationale is an argument in favor of implementing the proposed project by your organization.

You can also refer to this section as the ‘problem statement’ since it analyzes the problem in an in-depth manner.

An important part of this section should be a short description of your organization.

You need to think about practical issues: if you are intending to undertake fieldwork, where and for how long?

Consider questions of access, for instance, will organisations etc.

You should have an answerable question that is clear and sufficiently well defined/focussed for you to do the research implied within an appropriate time frame.

In this section you need to clarify what theoretical resources you will be drawing on and why.

In preparing a research proposal, the first thing that you have to do is to decide what it really is that you want to know more about.

The questions that you want to research have to viable as a research project and lead to the creation of new knowledge and understanding.


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    The rationale of your research proposal determines the actualization of your research paper. It is not only made because it is required for a research proposal. The rationale shows how well you really know and understand your subject matter. It dictates if your subject matter is important or inconsequential.…

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    The rationale of your research is the reason for conducting the study. The rationale should answer the need for conducting the said research. It is a very important part of your publication as it justifies the significance and novelty of the study. That is why it is also referred to as the justification of the study.…

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    A rationale typically consists of a line of reasoning that performs two principal functions. It describes a context within which to locate the intended project and suggests why doing such a study is worthwhile. A further function can be that of justifying the methods you plan to use for solving your research problem. Roles for the Rationale.…

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