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In this extract courage is displayed by two characters. Dubose, who had the courage to make an attempt to disregard her horrid addiction.She had the courage to stand up to what she believed in and it was very important to her that she at least made an effort to try. Dubose had no intention of leaving this world owing thanks to anything or anybody.

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Despite Jem’s dislike for this women and her hideous looks he had to overcome these thoughts and proceed with his punishment which was to read.

Jem had never viewed her from a different point of view.

He always saw her as an old, ugly women and never imagined that this old lady was capable of so much.

For a child of Jem’s age to have to have to read to a women like Mrs.

Courage is demonstrated in many ways, such as physical courage, standing up to what you believe in, overcoming personal fears and even childhood dares are all a form of this theme.

I would like to determine what ‘real courage’ means to both Harper Lee and to the characters of this novel.

He strives to teach Jem and Scout that you never know the possibilities after achieving something.

In those times you succeed at what you are doing, the outcome will be better than note even trying or just giving up.

In addition,when Atticus convinces Scout to go to school and explains why Miss Caroline made an honest mistake, he says, "If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks.

In this novel, Harper Lee explores a range of different themes.


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