Refugee Mother And Child Chinua Achebe Essay

Refugee Mother And Child Chinua Achebe Essay-50
The picture perfect image - the ideal image of motherhood.The picture of a beautiful, serene mother with her holy new born child.

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From researching, I have found that Rossetti wrote this poem when she was still in love with Charles Cayley, and also the fact that there is correlation between her life experience and her poems.

This line of the poem conveys the mother's pride towards her son, the poem describes this by being able to faintly see her pride towards her son in her eyes.

7 The use of the word 'skull' is a common symbol for death and foreshadows or represents the death of her son.

After graduation, he worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Service (NBS) and soon moved to the metropolis of The title of the poem gives off the initial impression that the poem may focus on refugees: one who flees to seek refuge, the lives of refugee children, their parents, their feelings, their emotions and their pain. This foreshadows the idea that her son is dying, and she would have to forget him to adapt to her tragic loss.

2 The metaphor in the first stanza, 'Nocould touch that picture...', relates to the idea of Mary and her child, Jesus.


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