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Most criminologists believe the theory that traumatic childhood experiences lead directly to the behavior of serial killers.The "Homicide Triad", which is the traits of a serial killer when they are a child, is the key factor in the development of serial killers.

Although serial killers are increasing people still wonder why these monsters have such psychopathic behavior.

Many people wonder what causes the disturbing behavior of serial killers.

Serial Killers are people with three or more separate events with an emotional cooling off period between homicides with each. Serial Killers are the most frightening psychopaths because they do not reveal any of the basic human emotions-empathy, conscience, or remorse (Schechter and Everitt, 179).

According to Schechter and Everitt, authors of the A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, Serial Killers tend to be Caucasian males who kill white victims.

One of the important and most common parts of the "homicide triad" is arson. Douglas, a psychological profiler, believes that the future serial killers are arsonists because of a "fascination due to their fondness of spectacular destruction" (Schechter and Everitt, 282).

He concludes that a serial killer’s fascination for destruction increases as they get older and they turn to murder to satisfy their need for destruction.

Serial killing first started when the Roman Emperor Caligula tested torture and perversion on his prisoners.

Most people believed that first modern era serial killer was Jack the Ripper, a man who killed five London prostitutes.

A psychology professor at Luther College, Jeremy Anderson states, "Future serial killers have sexual fantasies as children to help control their fear and it is a way to relieve hostility and aggression towards others" (Horse, 2001, 1).

A child uses sexual fantasies as a form of escape from an abusive situation.


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