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He has published over one hundred peer-reviewed papers.

He is the director of IIE, after serving as the deputy director of IIE, the deputy director of the High Technology Research and Development Bureau of CAS.

is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. This journal aims to systematically cover all essential aspects of cybersecurity, with a focus on reporting on cyberspace security issues, the latest research results, and real-world deployment of security technologies.

For more information, please visit the journal homepage at: are looking for enterprising researchers or postgraduate researchers to act as the journal Editorial Board Members who active in the areas as mentioned below.

The following list shows an alternative ranking, where the citations are normalized by the age of each paper.

As with any ranking, the presented results do not necessarily reflect the true impact of a paper.

His work focuses on network and system security, parallel distributed processing.

He has lead important research projects including Dawning supercomputers, National Science and Technology Major Project, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, and strategic priority research program of CAS.

As both services limit crawling activity, the update interval for the ranking is large, such that citation counts change on average every two months. A similar ranking of cryptography papers is available here.

→ Check out the top-100 ranking Absolute citations are not necessarily a good indicator for the impact of a paper, as the number of citations usually grows with the age of a paper.


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