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And even if it is truly great, the impact it will have on getting an interview is minimal.

And even if it is truly great, the impact it will have on getting an interview is minimal.

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Let them know your efforts so far in pursuing your dream.

The things you have done outside the class syllable. Use words like ‘accomplish’, ‘presume’ and other synonyms that are more appropriates than the ones you are familiar with. Write about your skills, experiences, knowledge and possibly your plans, where you want to be in the near future.

Include books, websites, periodicals or journals you have read. In your personal statement do not state things you have procrastinated about or failed plans or projects you embarked on.

Provide proofs of things you have done such as; research into the profession worked with a diverse group (if any).

And, when you survey EM Residency Program Directors, they consider the Personal Statement to be one of the LEAST important factors in deciding to offer an interview and in determining rank list position for the match.

If you are a great writer and can craft a moving piece that portrays the kind of physician you are going to become while not actually mentioning anything about medicine, then go for it.If you have a "Red Flag" on your application, the Personal Statement is your best opportunity to address it.Most people screening your application for a possible interview will look to your Personal Statement to explain anything concerning they find in your transcript, Dean's Letter (MSPE), or CV.t, it only needs to be well planned, organized and well structured.Certain factors need to be considered and certain rules adhered to, in order to get have and present the best there is.While your academic abilities form the majority of your personal statement, the extracurricular activities you are involved in is an added advantage because it shows the things that shape you as a person.Be it volunteering at charities, clubs or awards, hobbies or part-time jobs. Avoid looking at other people’s’ personal statement before you start writing yours, it might give you false information.These tips below will make your personal statement look really good in their eyes.Explaining your motivating factor for the course is an advantageous move.Also, there is the tendency to want to make it look as good as theirs and you might end up copying some things which will easily be detected by any anti-plagiarism software.To get a good final version, you need to have several drafts.


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