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An essential element of any successful project is the ability to identify potential risks and assign the best strategy to mitigate its likely impact on the project.This can be achieved by breaking down each risk into actionable chunks and create a risk breakdown structure (RBS).Project managers need to be able to persuade members of the project team to accept the role they have been allocated and explain the reasoning behind it.

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This document will be updated throughout the life of the project as issues and changes occur.

The process is very similar to that performed the work breakdown structure (WBS) as it creates a hierarchical list of risks the project may or will face.

Responsibility Matrix, sometimes also Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), or Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC) is a method used for assignment and display of responsibilities of individual persons or jobs in a task (project, service or process) in the organization.

The method is based on assigning different types of responsibilities to the individual tasks or activities in the form of a matrix.

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), which our template is based on, enables a project manager to inform each individual of their project role, assigned tasks and the associated responsibilities of that role.

This document performs a vital role in communicating the accountabilities and responsibilities of the project team to the project sponsor and its stakeholders.The system created from the RAM is practical and cost effective.It is important that within the allocations of responsibility there is a distinction made between a person being 'responsible' and that of having 'accountability'.The responsibilities are usually in the matrix in columns and activities in rows.Responsibility matrix in practice: Responsibility Matrix is used for allocation and assignment of responsibilities to individual team members in projects, processes or their parts.There are several variations of matrices that differ in range of assigned responsibilities. Variations of responsibility matrix: This is exactly what I was looking for. So you've constructed your work breakdown structure (WBS) and your organizational breakdown structure (OBS). The responsibility assignment matrix links activities to resources.This template enables you to define and record the different roles and their associated responsibilities as they relate to your project.It allows the impact of cross-functional projects to be identified and managed effectively within the organization.This person may delegate the performance of the task to another but they are answerable for it being completed in a timely fashion and at the right level of quality.If no distinction is made between who is responsible and who is accountable for package; then it is implied that the individual accountable is also responsible for its actual delivery.


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