Resurrection In Tale Of Two Cities Essays

Also essential for Darnay's rescue is the wit of Sydney Carton; who, through saving him from imprisonment, has once before brought Darnay a resurrection.

Carton's growing heroism—and love for Lucie—spurs him on to again rescue Darnay from inevitable death, to bring him back to a beautiful new life of safety in England.

Book I of A Tale of Two Cities is centered mostly on the rescue of Alexandre Manette from the horrid French prison, the Bastille; thus, it is titled “Recalled to Life”.

Alexandre Manette once had a full life; one of peace and contentment.

Imprisoned unjustly, his intellect—and all that was sane in his brilliant mind—dies.

Resurrection In Tale Of Two Cities Essays

Enter Lucie Manette, his daughter, glowing with life and youth.To illustrate good and evil, he uses light and dark as metaphors. A major theme in the story is the element of self-sacrifice.Various characters show degrees of sacrifice for the betterment of others.Charles Darnay also is influenced, to the point of asking Lucie to marry him—and bring new life into the world.Lucie accepts, and thus forms a family tie that will prove essential when Darnay becomes imprisoned in later years.Dickens focuses on both the French Revolution and the trails and tribulations of the individual characters in his story.He draws parallels between the successes and failures of his characters and the historical occurrences taking place in wider society due to the Revolution.The element of revitalization of something dead, both people and societies is frequently touched upon.For example, French society, ruled by ruthless aristocrats and dead because of it, now resurrected in the hands of the Revolution; or Carton’s spiritual resurrection through self-sacrifice.Carton himself believes he will never rise to a new life.Yet, through his willingness to face death, he raises himself to something greater.


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