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To the external world she appeared to be a loving mother dedicated to her children, “she is such a good mother” “she adores her children”. I think it is a lust for having material objects, and stylish living, and money that has obsessed Paul's mother too, because she has ignored the physical and emotional needs of her children, Paul and his sisters .

Hester’s character is utilized by Lawrence to embody greed.

She desires large sums of money to live a privileged life with materialistic things she thinks she deserves.

She reveals she feels her children, "had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them," whenever her children were present, "she always felt the center of her heart go hard" (592). Middle Paul's luck is found when he rides his rocking horse and is sure of which horse to bet on.

When his uncle asks what he is going to do with the money Paul unselfishly responds by saying, "' I started it for mother.

Irony plays a major role in the end because instead of luck bringing Paul happiness it initially brought him to his death bed.

In the “Rocking Horse Winner”, a story that represents the vicious effects of greed, D. Lawrence uses symbolism to develop the idea that life, love and happiness can be stripped away by the compulsive nature of never being satisfied.

As a result, their sense of judgment is victimized due to the effects of their problems.

Whether in a story about religion and faith like "Angel Levine" or an extreme story surrounding money and greed like "The Rocking Horse Winner", lessons and notions can be interpreted mystified greed in which his mother has enveloped him" (Koban 395). "Allegory and the Death of the Heart in 'The Rocking-Horse Winner.'" Studies in Short Fiction 15 (1978): 391-96.

Hester’s way of showing affection to her children was only seen by buying them materialistic things like toys. These themes have been found in the “The Rocking Horse Winner”, which described a young boy by the name of Paul who has no luck.

In that sense money can be a “symbolic substitute for love and affection”; ( Snodgrass 118) this again shows she is incapable of having an emotional connection to them. Lawrence's 'The Rocking-Horse Winner.'" Studies in Short Fiction 24 (1987): 295-301. Paul would ride his lucky horse to find the winner of the horse’s name.


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