Romeo And Juliet Essay On Chance

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The most intriguing and colorful character in Cannery Row is Doc.

Doc appears to be a lonesome scientist with little company, and a drunk at the worst, but Doc is more than what he seems.

In the play Romeo and Juliet, the events leading up to their deaths were also instruments of fate, and not just of mere "bad luck".

Of course, chance had a big role to play in the tragedy.

For example, the Montagues and Capulets were not always enemies, as there used to be peace in the streets of Verona, before several brawls occurred.

This shows that the bitter strife that turned the families against each other was most likely due to a chance misunderstanding, which evolved into a blood feud through the streets.When Romeo and Juliet met, their fates were bound together because of this choice.Though it was through love that they sacrificed themselves, they were also fulfilling a greater purpose, and sealing their destinies together.In addition, when the two families discover the bodies of their dead children, their hatred for each other is lifted, as they realize what horror it has brought upon them.This shows that the fate of the two lovers was used for a greater purpose in uniting their families.Doc is not someone who blends easily into Cannery Row, but his nature and personality is that of a Christ-like figure.The deaths of Romeo and Juliet are not totally decided by chance though. For example, Juliet senses that her forbidden love with Romeo may end up in some tragic manner.This also shows that Doc cares enough for the people of the town to exhaust himself helping their needs.Also, Doc's presence is so cherished by the people of Cannery Row that they decided to throw him two (slightly chaotic) parties.This shows that even though he may seem like a drunken scientist at points, Doc is highly respected and loved by the people of Cannery Row.This also shows that Doc's actions eventually pay off for him, and he receives immense gratitude from the town.


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