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Students often make one primary mistake with compare and contrast essays/comparison and contrast essays—that is, they think they are supposed to do both comparing and contrasting within one single paper—and that is not true.What you want to do is choose things, ideas, experiences, works of fiction, films, characters, etcetera that it would be fun to either compare or contrast.When you draft, you don’t want to feel like “this has to be perfect.” If you put that much pressure on yourself, it can be really difficult to get your ideas down.

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You only choose one—so you contrast differences between two highly dissimilar things or concentrate on how similar two things actually are.

With a comparison or contrast essay—you want to be careful of see sawing in each paragraph.

Take a look at this example with notes a student wrote on her rough draft.

Once you complete your own rough draft, you will want to engage in a revision and editing process that involves feedback, time, and diligence on your part.

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