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The scores are then added together to return a final score of 2 to 8 in each category.

The scores are then added together to return a final score of 2 to 8 in each category.READINGThe reading score identifies how well the student is able to show that they have a thorough comprehension of the source text. Does the essay follow a logical progression of thoughts and ideas?First thing’s first, did you know that the SAT Essay is OPTIONAL?

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Each scorer has the responsibility of assigning a score of 1 to 4 in the following categories: Reading, Analysis and Writing.To figure out whether or not you should write the test, you should first determine which colleges require it. Nearly every expert asked recommends that students at least attempt the essay.If the college that you are applying to does not request it, it still might be worthwhile to complete this section in the test to prove that you have strong analytical and writing capabilities. The Essay asks students to Most people writing the essay find that this is an interesting and engaging task, one that they don’t mind putting a little extra thought into.If we can understand how SAT readers are trained to score the test and if we can understand how the SAT Essay-bot is programmed to grade essays, we can write an essay that satisfies all their guidelines for a high scoring essay.SAT readers rely on the SAT Essay rubric as their main guide to score student essays.It’s not uncommon, for example, for speeches to appear in this section.The same goes for editorials, opinion pieces, and the like.The score that is received after the completion of the essay offers valuable insight into strengths and areas that could be improved upon.One more advantage is that preparing for the SAT essay is one of the best things that a student can do to help prepare for their future as a post-secondary student.The College Board even supports the usage of an “SAT Essay-bot” to help students prepare for the essay.Through Khan Academy, which has partnered with the College Board, students can draft essay responses, which are then assessed by computer systems.


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