Solar Pv Business Plan

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By providing two models, Sun Heat will appeal to two different customer segments, one that likes the challenge of projects and has the skills to execute the plans, and people who desire a solar heating system but have no desire or skills to install it themselves.

The sun is the planet's most powerful source of energy and also the most unused source of energy by humans.

Sun Heat's system can save the individual family from 70%-90% of the total amount spent on the electricity used for heating water.

The system generally meets all of the summer time heating needs.

Ambitious plans REC said it intends to use Meyer Burger equipment to increase output of heterojunction (HJT) and Smart Wire modules from its current 600 MW capability.

Solar Pv Business Plan

“Cooperation with a potential strategic downstream partner” is also planned, according to the two companies.That marks a u-turn from plans to switch significant parts of the company’s global sales and service functions from its Thun headquarters to Wuxi-Shanghai, and signals Meyer’s intent to focus its PV business on Europe as a long-mooted solar renaissance starts to flower.The company did get a shot in the arm, however, on the day it confirmed first-half reverses, by signing a letter of intent with Norwegian panelmaker REC Solar over a strategic collaboration based on the latter’s desire to expand its production capacity by several gigawatts.Solar power is a clean, environmentally friendly source of energy.It is renewable meaning it is impossible to consume the energy at a faster rate than it takes to replenish it for future users. Sun Heat is an effective system that harnesses the sun's energy for family water heating needs. Typically 30%-40% of a family's electricity bill is devoted to devoted water.The business model agreed by Meyer Burger with REC is based on the Norwegian company’s willingness to pay its partner in return for exclusivity protection for certain HJT and Smart Wire interconnect technologies.The arrangement will enable Meyer Burger to capitalize on the economic value of its high-efficiency module production technology, protect its intellectual property and reduce the standardization risk it has experienced in major markets in the past.To get the full benefit of a solar heater there must be an area available that has sufficient exposure to the sun.The facing angle may be in any direction within 30 degrees of due south.A final agreement on profit sharing and exclusivity will be drawn up in the coming months and approved by the boards of both companies.In the red The announcement came as Meyer Burger revealed first-half net profits slumped to CHF1.8 million (€1.6 million), down from CHF8.3 million a year earlier.


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