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Drawing a picture will help, but also will simplifying the problem by dividing the sections, especially the uneven one, into smaller sections.Then one small section can be applied to the larger sections.

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If, for example, the problem involves figuring out what percentage of $35 is $4.00, then working backwards will look like this: $4.00 is X% of $35. Plugging in the units in order will allow cancellations to get the right combination: Km/min X min/km X min/hour = the answer.

This is the “something new.” There are a number of websites that provide free math help.

We need to give kids strategies for solving word problems – strategies that they can experience, practice, and, ultimately, master.

There are several strategies that can be taught to kids.

The 5th strategy is exactly what is used when linear equations are solved, but it can be used for word problems too. To get the “X” by itself, get rid of the $35 on that side of the equation, by dividing both sides by $35. This is the perfect strategy for those pesky problems that must determine how far someone walks or travels, given the amount traveled per minute or hour.

This strategy works well for percentage problems especially. So, for example, if someone walks 29 kilometers in 30 minutes, what is the average traveled per hour.And it is important the examples of each of these strategies area presented to students regularly.These can be crafted in advance as a Power Point presentation and displayed when a word problem is introduced.The word problems are grouped by operation with a separate set of multi step problems.They are also grouped by difficulty with questions for LAPs, APs and HAPs.Students in middle and high school math classes still need reinforcement for continued retention.As a student, you should keep your own list of problem-solving strategies, identify those that work best for you, and refer to those when you are tasked with math word problems. And remember this: Word problems in math do not have to create immediate anxiety.Writing Algebraic expressions to solve word problems Solve word problems using algebra Decode words into math Word problems scare me!Maths lesson resource pack focusing on breaking down the problem solving process. Incudes detailed lesson plan with suggestions how to use the powerpoint and the activity sheets.For example, if there are several competitors in a race and their rates are all listed, setting up a table with those rates will clear out the words that can be distractions.Some students like to work things out in their heads and can churn information better than others.


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