Steps To Solve A Word Problem

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It is impossible to find an answer if you can't determine what needs to be solved.Basically, what are the questions being asked by the problem?

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Now that you've determined what needs to be solved, reread the problem and pay close attention to specific details.

Determine which aspects of the problem are interrelated.

Identify all relevant facts and information needed to solve the problem. Now that you're familiar with specific details and how different facts and information within the problem are interrelated, determine what formulas or equations must be used to set up and solve the problem.

Be sure to write down what steps or operations you will use for easy reference.

One of the most common complaints of students during Mathematics examinations is that they often run out of time; in that case, advice on how to solve math problems more quickly will help them finish timed exams.

Math is a complicated discipline, and while some problems are routine and straightforward, some problems require zigzag mazes and long expositions of solutions before an answer can be found.

Discuss with them any language or vocabulary they may be unfamiliar with. Solving word problems can be both a challenging and rewarding activity (like many things that are challenging! They help students to see math in the real world and they encourage and give reason for them to learn the underlying concepts and operations.

Below are some tips and techniques that can help with solving word problems.

They often jump right into calculations and computations without understanding what the problem is asking or what they're looking for.

LD students may also struggle to understand the words or wording within math word problems correctly.


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