Strategic Account Business Plan

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Extensive technical expertise isn’t necessary, but an aptitude to call in the right people at the right time is critical to an account manager’s success in seizing opportunities that can further the relationship with the strategic account.Successful sales leaders build their reputations and careers on their ability to consistently meet or exceed their revenue goals through focused sales strategy execution.Many sales leaders fall short of their annual “number,” which is one of the driving forces of high turnover among sales leaders.It’s a difference of 3.3 percentage points, and a decline of 7.7%.Just review for a moment what such a win rate improvement would mean in your organization.A more formal approach, which means that salespeople are required to develop strategic account plans, was reported by 33.1%. In fact, 56.5% don’t take advantage of account planning to grow their strategic accounts. First of all, as we can see year be year in all our data, sales has a lot to do with consistency, precision, and focus. Sustainable, predictable sales success doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, sales success, sales performance and growth require a well thought- through formal, strategic and focused approach to be able to invest sales resources in the most valuable directions.With the random approach of leaving account planning up to each salesperson, win rates decreased to 42.9%, compared to the average win rate for forecast deals of this study of 46.2%.And the secret to a valuable strategic account is not the plan. No, it’s about the process of planning, of thinking through strategies, approaches and ideas. Eisenhower was spot on when he said that in preparing for battle, “plans are useless but planning is indispensable.” The same is true here.More than 50% have no formal approach to strategic account planning We asked the participants of our how they approach strategic account planning in their organization.The most successful strategic account managers are also skilled at relating to the needs of a wide range of individuals in the account and building consensus among them.These behaviors are quite different from a hunter’s; hunters often have an “eat what you kill” mentality.


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