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The most prominent research methodologies employed by doctoral students in the study of Nakhata et al.[] are modeling, simulation and empirical quantitative methods.The final list included 39 research institutions which are presented in “Appendix 1.” A contact person at each of the 39 research institution was identified and was contacted by e-mail.

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Specifically, such a review will help us to understand the different approaches in relation to research framework, methodologies, theories applied and the empirical interpretations.

Furthermore, the review could not only provide valuable insights into potential research gaps within the discipline, but also pave way for recognizing interesting topics for future research [].

Based on the rise in the number of dissertations as well as their varying content, it is interesting to investigate the requirements that are part of completing a Ph D dissertation.

There has been an escalation in dissertations that are based on collections of articles instead of a monograph [], which might be driving Ph D students to learn and master the craft of publishing from the very start of their career.

The study was an extension of a previous research on purchasing dissertations conducted by Williams [] to identify the key focus areas of research in the prior decade.

In this study, Williams concluded that the key focus areas covered were supplier selection and development, information systems, organizational and measurement issues, negotiation and purchasing ethics.A more interesting finding of the 2006 study was that the dissertations were more multifaceted due to the fact that they closely mirrored the cross-functional and boundary spanning nature of logistics; at the same time, their multifaceted nature made the classification task more difficult.Another American study was conducted by Das and Handfield [] wherein the authors investigated 117 Ph D dissertations from the period 1987–1995 in order to evaluate the intellectual health of the purchasing discipline.The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Sect.Several authors have analyzed and classified doctoral dissertations in logistics and SCM, both within the Nordic countries as well as the USA.Besides, given that Ph D students are likely to form the next generation of established researchers, research conducted by them is important to the SCM discipline as it helps keeping the discipline on track with emerging topics as well as stimulate theory generation.The number of Ph D students in the Nordic countries has increased significantly during the last decades [].One way to keep track of the progress of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) discipline is to analyze the doctoral dissertations within the research area.By reviewing such dissertations, it will be possible to gain some interesting information regarding the development and direction of research within the discipline.The most recent review covering US dissertations was conducted by Nakhata et al. In this study, the authors reviewed 609 doctoral dissertations completed between 20.The number of identified dissertations in this study is significantly larger than the four reviews conducted by Stock and colleagues and clearly reflects a significant increase in colleges/universities graduating doctoral students within logistics- and supply chain-related areas. [] also point out that a forthcoming retirement of academic “baby boomers” during the period 2005–2020 may explain the increase in the Ph D production.


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