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Some Chinese researchers follow a two-pronged approach: they publish “normal” science in international journals in English, and TCM bunk in national scientific outlets.

The team of Hui Cai and Junyi Shen operates like this, pledging TCM efficiency against stroke in Chinese journals, while using more conventional medicines in international ones; the figures remain the same though.

A reader alerted me to this masterpiece, published in a RSC journal sporting an Impact Factor of 4.8: Xiang Fei, Qiaofeng Yao, Jianping Xiea and Jim Yang Lee Probing the Qi of traditional Chinese herbal medicines by the biological synthesis of nano-Au Herbal medicines with different Qi properties (the primary proxy of their therapeutic effects) are used in traditional Chinese medicine to maintain the harmony of vital forces in a human body.

In the Western medicinal practice, the classification of Qi into four major families (“Si Qi” in Chinese Pinyin) is a challenging endeavor, especially by a simple non-reductionist approach.

It goes from Ayurvedic “green” nanotechnology to ancient Vedic aeronautics, at least that conference proceedings paper (flagged by John Chen) has been retracted despite Elsevier’s instructions to “deal with it”: The Ayurveda and TCM concoctions gunk started spilling over into allegedly serious international journals, meanwhile the pretence to any actual science has been dropped .

Which brings us to the main focus of this article, a paper published by the highly respected Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

For reasons of fairness, it should be mentioned that similar things happen in the democratic India.

There, nobody is forced by governmental decree to peddle Ayurveda-infused fraud (occasionally featuring cow dung or urine) in Indian universities, but fact remains: too many Indian politicians are scientifically-illiterate religious zealots and Hindu nationalists, and this is the kind of research they reward with money and favours.

This is exactly the kind of dishonest parodies of scientists the Communist Party of China is nurturing, via its TCM-imbibed wisdom.

What else can you expect when academic science is controlled by an undemocratic nationalistic regime?


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