Teenage Rebels Essay

Nor was she likely to have counted African Americans among her friends, despite the huge migration of people of color and Latinas/os to American cities in the postwar period.What are the chances that Barbie would have left the segregated suburbs for the city's slums where most resided?

The teenage model simultaneously represented independent young women "on the go" who were not only accepted but also celebrated in Sex and the Single Girl (1962).

Barbie's body had been shaped as well by her ancestor, Lilli, a coquettish-looking German doll that male bachelors brought to bars and dangled from their rear-view mirrors.

Sensible "flats" were replaced with high heels that further exaggerated sexual difference: they forced the bust forward and the backside outward.

Like June Cleaver who vacuumed the house while wearing pumps in the new TV sit-coms of the period, Barbie had tiny, tippy-toed feet that also kept her immobilized, dependent, and contained within the household domain where women were safely idealized for their maternal devotion.

Stimulating consumer desire among America's youngest shoppers, Barbie TV ads encouraged little girls to "Come feast your eyes on Barbie and Midge. By the late 1940s, however, a masculinized silhouette had been replaced by the feminine hour-glass.

To accentuate female sexual characteristics shoulder pads yielded to padded bras.The new technology of constrictive undergarments reshaped the feminine form, such that breasts like Barbie's became symbols of postwar abundance, motherhood, and sexual appeal.Despite Mattel's claims that parents thanked them for the doll's "educational value," critics objected to Barbie's sexually provocative "look" (Doc. To many, Barbie's eroticized body-sideways glancing eyes (heavily outlined in black eyeliner), pursed red lips, and scarlet finger nails-were markers of sexual desire. As the sanitized version of Lilli, Barbie simultaneously neutralized the eras cultural dissonance.One Latina recalled that while "We did not look like Barbie, [and] nor did we aspire to" (Doc.2), Barbie's blond hair, blue eyes, and pink skin nevertheless epitomized an American race, gender, and class ideal that prevailed in postwar popular culture. " (Doc 4) Toni Morrison realized that as an African American girl she could never "look like" Barbie.As a representation of a middle-class suburban teen empowered with new purchasing power, Barbie's mini magazines, records, clothing, and accessories were versions of those that fueled the new teen market.Like real girls, "Babysitter Barbie" would have shopped with money earned as a babysitter, one of the only jobs available to suburban adolescent girls in the postwar economy. Giddy with excitement over the doll, dream house, and the "extra clothing and accessories" her friends had, one Nicaraguan student recalled that she and her sister incessantly begged their single mother for Barbie dolls their family could probably ill afford. 2) Barbie's glamorous outfits were like those designed by Christian Dior who had inaugurated a transformation of women's bodies shortly after WWII.Just like Lilli whom she closely resembled, Barbie donned a striped strapless jersey bathing suit that accented her cinched waist and accentuated her voluptuous figure.(Stripes only provide protective camouflage from predators to zebras in herds.) The stripes on Barbie's suit underscored her full breasts which looked a lot like the ample bumpers that embellished (and protected) 50s' progesterone infused automobiles.What he says conveys that he trusts his safety in his friends.Eye level shots are used on Jim and Judy, to show that they are on the same level.


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