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Make sure that you only get articles and books in those areas, even if you come across fascinating books in other areas.A literature review I am currently working on, for example, explores barriers to higher education for undocumented students.

Make sure that you only get articles and books in those areas, even if you come across fascinating books in other areas.

While writing a literature review, you can either use a chronological approach or a thematic approach.

Using a chronological approach means that you enlist the works on the topic on the basis of the date on which each work was compiled.

Of course, it is you who does it and on the basis of certain criteria, isn't it? This section will contain the comparison of different works on the topic, represented in a tabular form.

Here you should be careful in selecting the criteria for comparison and extraction of relevant data from each source in a correct and precise manner.

Well, the simple answer is that while the purpose of a research paper is to present a new idea or concept, a literature review is just about stating the existing ideas and theories on the topic in an organized manner.

You can include a literature review as a part of your research paper to support the fact that there hasn't been substantial research done on your chosen field of work, or that you thought on entirely different lines to come up with the idea.The table should be such that the reader easily understands the data presented.If the literature review you are writing is a part of your research paper, then you can synthesize the information and ideas from all the works discussed in the sections above to show how your idea was called for, is relevant, or something never thought of before.If you know how to write a research paper, you can proceed on similar lines.Now, you may ask how a literature review is different from a research paper.If you have taken the help of any organization for collection of relevant data, make sure that you mention the names.Also add the names of search engines used to obtain the data.It should not take more than two or three dedicated sessions.Step Three: Find relevant excerpts in your books and articles: Skim the contents of each book and article and look specifically for these five things: 1.You need to mention somewhere the criterion/criteria used for selecting material for your work.A literature review is all about highlighting the most important works, but who decides which ones deserve to be included and which don't?


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