The Great Gatsby Research Paper Topics

Fitzgerald died of a heart attack before his wife died and was even denied a burial at his family’s Catholic cemetery plot.After the success of his first book, Francis started writing short stories for magazines.It paid well and made him even more popular, but many of the well-known and respected literary minds of that time advised him against “selling his soul and stripping his talent” for the shallow and overly popular publications, particularly The Saturday Evening Post.In Tender Is The Night, the reader will see more of psychological observations on human nature.The Last Tycoon was his attempt to analyze the American power-class and their reality, and it could have overshadowed The Great Gatsby but was never finished to acquire its polished form. Given the extremely negative light in which Tom is portrayed throughout the novel, why might Daisy choose to remain with him instead of leaving him for Gatsby?Sometimes, students face difficulties when writing their papers. We will write a custom research paper on The Great Gatsby, an essay or do editing for you to make your studies easier.Each case like this attracts more and more attention towards the flaws of our culture and the insensible ways our society treats people who are different in one way or another and how we waste the years of our life given to us.At the beginning of the 20th century in between the two World Wars, one of the biggest tragedies was the death of a great American author of The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald. All of the author’s other novels have both positive and negatives sides to them.The book has particular traits that are unique and extraordinary.Despite the tragic events portrayed, the text radiates the untamed desire to celebrate life, and infinite confidence in one’s abilities which is so typical of young Fitzgerald ‘s personality.


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