The I Like Most Football Essay

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I go and see the local, national and international matches if they are played in my city. I like football because it can be played even by the poor. What is needed is a football, an open ground and a group of boys. Many times, we have been winners in these matches and tournaments. I like to see the Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup football matches the most.

I have represented my school on a number of inter-school football matches.

There are, of course, broader questions that won’t be answered.

Does the final pairing constitute evidence that the Southeastern Conference continues to be the premier conference?

Playing varsity football has taught me so much more than just what my assignments are on a particular play or how to block.

I have learned to think about others first, and realized how important working hard is.Are you just going to stand there and let it attack you because you are too tired?” The answer, of course, is no, because you can always put it in another gear even if you think you need to give up.Should Alabama receive an automatic berth in the championship game every year?Is the playoff system biased against teams like Central Florida, and should the playoff be expanded beyond four teams?I have previously argued that big-time intercollegiate athletics should abandon the student-athlete pretense in favor of making football and basketball players paid employees of a university’s advancement/marketing operation.The most recent exploration into the tension between education and football was published during the holidays.On holidays, I practise it in the field near my house. But evidence shows that before the Christian era began, a game similar to football was played in China. It was played with feet, and a leather ball stuffed with cotton was used.This to me means that you can always control your attitude and effort.So, no matter what, if you maintain a great attitude and always give whatever you’re doing your best effort, you will have no regrets.


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