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Woolf didn’t seem to be writing to one particular type of person.

Woolf didn’t seem to be writing to one particular type of person.

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But she observes it as a philosopher who uses the image to reflect on the most fundamental force of nature – the struggle between life and death.

She also draws out the complexities in apparently simple things – such as the words we use to speak and write.

The question arises twice within her essay, would she help the moth or not?

She states that there is no chance against death, but still the effort she makes in lifting up her pencil with the aim of helping the moth, leads the reader to believe that there actually might be a way to fight the future.

And if death is so powerful then life can’t be pathetic, it’s a miracle to live for only a small portion of time if death really is stronger.

The appeals an author uses can only funnel the audience a certain way and can lead them to different conclusions whether the readers like to look for moral lessons, read between the lines or follow what is written word for word.The author includes the reader by using the word “us”.This use of wording makes the reader imagine that they have felt the emotional sense they feel on autumn nights and understand it, whether they have actually experienced it or not.Three reviews of Henry James – two memoirs and the letters – almost take on the famous style of her author-subject – the long sentences, baroque syntax, and complex metaphors that his fans so admire and his detractors bewail.She dwells mainly on his relationship with England and his not-uncritical admiration for its traditions, through which she expresses her own reverence for James as a figure representing a bygone age. Forster’s novels she is lofty and magisterial, but she evaluates the works using bafflingly abstract metaphors: – it ‘mark[s] his prime’, yet when she gets round to looking at it in detail exclaims ‘we may wonder in what mood of the moment we can have been prompted to call it a failure … In ‘The Art of Biography’ she points out that fiction and biography cannot be easily combined because they have different goals – one towards factuality, the other towards invention. Early preparations were made by Virginia Woolf herself, and then it appeared one year after her death, edited by her husband Leonard Woolf.He explains in his introduction that the essays had previously appeared in .Woolf uses the appeal of ethos when describing the pity felt towards the moth.The moth is pathetic, being enthralled in happiness with only being able to do so little, yet she connects the creature to something more significant.To engage the reader in the feelings towards death, the figurative use of the power of the world being opposed to the moth is used to represent death.This different outlook on death provokes the reader, as does the question of morals that Woolf portrays.


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