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While the emails indicated an openness to consult the teacher, they also elicited an exasperated response from me. It is absolutely not to be copied and pasted in toto as there are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues involved.A student can take one current issue (e.g., melamine contamination in milk, methathione controversy, climate change, farm waste management, mining) and come up with any of these topics : 1) framing of the issue online, 2) framing of the issue in national newspapers, 3) mothers’ risk perceptions of melamine in milk, 4) rural mothers’ awareness of food safety issues, 5) information needs on each of these issues, etc.If this is your case, review these presentation topics to address the task easily.

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In the post 9/11 world, more people in the US and worldwide recognize the role of effective dialogue in preserving peace, and this understanding reflects in development of a corresponding academic discipline.

Nowadays, communication discipline covers many interesting and complex areas, which makes the choice of communication research topics especially challenging for students.

Based on these variations, one can have 25 possible thesis topics to choose from and discuss with the thesis adviser.

We used this approach in our DC198 class and I was amazed at the list of acceptable thesis topics that my students discussed with me.

As an academic discipline addresses creation of meaning in various contexts across cultures using verbal or nonverbal messages through a variety of channels and media, particular focus of your research paper largely depends on the chosen approach.

For your convenience, we’ve grouped 100 topics into 10 popular categories.

We’ve decided to simplify this task for you and prepared a list of relevant topics, united into ten most common categories.

Before proceeding to the topics and research paper writing activities, consider the four distinct approaches to studying communication: social science approach, interpretive approach, critical approach, postmodern approach.

The mention here of looking at risk perceptions of melamine contamination in milk reaffirmed my desire to deconstruct the media discourse on the issue.

I agree with Ma’am Moni, there is a wide field to do research in the field of communication to the person who reads and watch the world around him/her with keen interest.


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