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While the solutions to the problem are not an outright ban to abortion, they are moving in that direction and I hope a bill to ban this practice will not be far away. Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer: The Scientific Evidence. Last Thought: I hope the next time you look at a quarter you will realize that you were once that tiny and you were given the opportunity to live unlike babies who are that small who are not given the opportunity. Thought Pattern Problem-Solution (Transition) (First I'm going to explain exactly what the problem with abortion is.) Body I. Liley, "who did the first fetal blood transfusion in the womb." d.

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Along the way, my opinions have been challenged and reformed, but now it's your turn to form an opinion based off of the theories, facts, and laws of our nation.

Though we all have not been put into a situation where we must make such a hard decision, such as abortion, 50% of all American women who receive abortions are younger than 25 years old. Thesis Currently, our government is trying to define when a fetus is a human, deserving of rights, but there are still inconsistencies, so it's up to you to form your own opinion of when those fetuses deserve human rights.

Solution: There are many ways to find a solution to the abortion problem, I will explain a few that can help bring about an end to abortion. Now I am going to explain some court rulings that may help to form a solution to the abortion problem. One Missouri law may help to change laws in other states. This law allowed a man to be convicted of the murders of both his girlfriend and her unborn child and sentenced to life in prison. President Bush has also taken a stand against abortion. Bush says he may cut funding for the World Health Organization "...because of its research into the dangerous abortion drug RU-486." b. Bush said, "We can't support any activity that supports abortion as a method of family planning or that motivates or coerces people into practicing abortion, so we would not use our money to support RU-486 research..." (Agence France-Presse) 4. Women's Health Declines After Abortion While Childbirth Helps.

The Washington Times also had promising reports for pro-lifers. Two bills are pending in the House of Representatives that would " a crime to take teen girls across state lines for abortions..legislation that would punish criminals who kill or injure an unborn child in the process of a violent crime committed against a pregnant mother." b.

(Transition) (To explain how I came to this conclusion, I am first going to explain different physical and mental health problems that can be caused by abortions.) A. This same issue also reports that there was "...a greater risk of breast cancer for women who reported one or more induced abortions than for women who had carried their fetuses to term," but the article also says that the risk is not increased by miscarriages. The study determined a fifty percent greater risk for women who had abortions as opposed to those who did not. Abortions can also cause a decline the mental health of women who have them. The Elliot Institute reported in July of 2000 that "women who undergo abortions are at a greater risk of mental health problems in subsequent years..." b. Stanton once wrote, "When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." (Keating 1-3) (Transition) (Because there are so many people who are against abortion, I believe the courts should reconsider the Roe v. Scientific evidence that proves abortion is murder is the strongest reason I have found for outlawing abortion. A unique personal constitution s spelled out for the specific human being created, whose personal constitution has not occurred before and will never occur again." (Howard 1) c. This is his home for the next 270 days and to make it habitable, the embryo develops a placenta and protective capsule of fluid for himself.

There are many health risks involved with having an abortion. "Women who had abortions were more than twice as likely to have two to nine treatments for mental health as women who carried to term." (Elliot Institute 1) 3. At the National Lutherans for Life Convention Pastor Laurence L. The time for silence is over." (Lutherans for Life) 3. The two women "who started the women's movement in America," Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. An article from titled "Why Can't We Love Them Both" by Dr. He also solves, single-handed, the homograft problem, that dazzling feat by which foetus and mother, although immunological foreigners who could not exchange skin grafts nor safely receive blood from each other, never the less tolerate each other in parabiosis for nine months." ( e. At three weeks after fertilization the heart is beating..." ii.

This shows you are aware of the problems illegal abortion creates and are willing to acknowledge those problems, i.e., makes you seem more reasonable, not fanatical as many pro-life people are depicted.

Jessica Hull Cata 101 Persuasive Outline 11-25-02 Abortion Introduction Attention Material: Show the audience a quarter and explain that during the time most unborn babies are aborted, they are the size of a quarter.

Thesis/Overview: In my last speech, I explained what abortion is, court cases involving abortion, and the different procedures used to abort unborn children. Hollywood Feminists Offer Voice to Pro-Life Movement.

Today, I am going to explain why abortion is wrong and should not be legal in the United States.


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