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The first part of the word trigon is Greek for 'triangle.' The second part comes from the Greek word metron for 'measure.' Trigonometry has a lot to do with triangles.Sines, cosines, and tangents all come from the measuring of the lowly triangle.

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The ratios sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, and cot will be the same for angle θ, no matter the length of the sides of the triangle.

Some right triangles have special measures and ratios that can also be deduced from the Pythagorean Theorem.

They are the 45-45-90 triangle (also known as the π/4, π/4, and π/2 in radian measure), and the 30-60-90 triangle (also known as π/6, π/4, and π/2).

They can be used to calculate the trigonometric ratios.

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Learn about the usefulness of trigonometry and how triangles and circles are tied together.

Trigonometry can be defined as the calculation part of geometry.

All right triangles, regardless of size, are similar if they have angles that measure the same.

Therefore, if one right triangle has an angle that measures θ, it will be similar to another right triangle that measures θ.


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