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Di Nino, a 55-year-old single mother of eight, had been sentenced to a two-day stint at Berks County because she owed the local courts more than ,000 in fines and fees related to the truancy of two of her teenage sons.She was unemployed, lived in a house owned by a relative, and her husband, Brian, who had owned a small business, passed away in 2011 from complications from hepatitis. “My brothers, despite the truancy, are good kids,” Tobias said.The night before, Di Nino’s cellmate, Nicole Lord, said she heard Di Nino complaining of pain all over her body, saying that she had been moaning, “It hurts, it hurts.

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“But when my child missed school, my wife and I got makeup work and she passed. Most days she missed we had doctor’s documentation, but it is so hard to get someone at the school board.

It really is crap.”In April 2013, police officers in Orange County, California conducted a “truancy sweep” of area households.

But, they pointed out, she still made the honor roll.

“Maybe there are some kids whose parents didn’t want to send them to school,” Corbitt told The .

“It seemed from a distance that she understood what was going on.”Absence from school is an undeniable problem.

We know it is correlated with lower grades, with dropping out of high school, and with trouble with the law.

After that, kids and parents can be referred to court and fined 0 per additional unexcused absence, in addition to court costs.

Because her sons were enrolled in different schools under different jurisdictions, two judges heard a total of 55 truancy charges against Di Nino.

On June 7, 2014, Mike Tobias, a 28-year-old from Reading, Pennsylvania, was watching television at home when his brother burst into the room with an emergency phone call.

Their mother, Eileen Di Nino, had been discovered unconscious in her cell at Berks County Prison and taken to the hospital.


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