Ucla Mba Essay Questions 2013

After the interview has taken place, the file will be read again taking into consideration feedback from the interviewer.Finally, the application will be reviewed yet again by our admissions director.The UCLA MBA offered by the Anderson School of Management is located in Los Angeles, the ideal place for getting an optimal mix of business, creativity and innovation.

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AWA is very important for us in assessing international candidates – along with the TOEFL/IELTS. Lindsay: We expect that the IR score will start to become more important once most of our applicants apply with this score.

MBA Crystal Ball: Have you started considering the IR score from this year? As it stands, not all of our applicants have this score yet so we don’t assess it too heavily at the moment in order to ensure we assess all candidates equally.

Though Hollywood is just a stone’s throw away, the UCLA MBA offers much more than an entertainment focus, as is apparent from the placement statistics.

Sameer Kamat (founder of MBA Crystal Ball) interviewed Lindsay Haselton – Associate Director, MBA Admissions at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Because we admit candidates with all different backgrounds, the emphasis is not necessarily on having a common yardstick for everyone – but rather, having a picture of how that individual will contribute to the class.

Leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills are important across all industries regardless of the position that person held – and we look for these qualities rather than focusing strictly on functional duties.So, when taking advice and help from others, ensure the essay continues to reflect your own words and personal style.MBA Crystal Ball: Can a high GMAT compensate for a low GPA or vice versa? Lindsay: The range of GMAT scores and GPAs we see in each year’s incoming class really is quite broad.MBA Crystal Ball: To take a specific example, an Indian management consultant could be earning significantly less than (say) an investment banker in London. Lindsay: We understand that different countries have very different salary ranges and evaluate applications bearing this in mind.Salary progression with an organization is often a way that we can tell how an individual is performing; not just the raw salary itself which varies between industries and countries.Therefore, interview requests can go out as soon as 2 weeks after a round deadline, or up until 2 weeks before a decision release.It all depends when your file was read by the committee.); however, in cases where we don’t see a lot of quantitative coursework on an undergraduate or graduate-level transcript, we may look for indication of quantitative proficiency through a candidate’s quantitative score on the GMAT.Similarly, strong performance in quantitative courses at the undergraduate level may take a bit of pressure off a candidate’s quantitative score achieved on the GMAT.We do give applicants the benefit of the doubt for the odd “blip” on a transcript, but admitted candidates tend to show a consistent level of functioning above their peers.We see candidates from all different undergraduate majors (and love to see this academic diversity in the class!


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